My name is John Resborn

I´m a Swedish and Stockholm based photographer, videographer, content creator, editor and a bunch of other cool sounding titles, but most importantly – I love creating images and video. Besides this, I´m also a music lover, travel addict and a happy husband and father.

I have been so lucky being able to combine my passions in life into my work and profession as a photographer. In 2012 the book “Labour Of Love & Hate – An undergound musical journey through Southeast Asia” was published.
This is a photographic documentary book about the metal music scenes and it´s fans in Southeast Asia, made and published 100 % DIY by me and my sister Lena.

Today I also help organize and arrange metal music festivals in Europe for bands in Indonesia, being the middle hand between the East and the West as well as tour manager and promoter.

As a photographer I´m all into live, and for me anything can be live. Yes I specialize in live & stage photography, but a wedding or an event or even portrait photography can be live – as long as I capture what´s infront of me and do my own interpretation.
Wow, that almost sound pretentious, but I like to see me as a live photographer.
I shoot live, I capture moments and feelings. That´s my thing.

Client List

Wallmans Copenhagen, Wallmans Oslo, Wallmans Stockholm, Wallmans Malmö, The Concept Gothenburg, Minnesota Communications, Eventyr, Across Agency, MFF Event, Academic Work, Atea and more.

Editorial Includes

Kamera & Bild, Resfoto, Fotosidan, Dagens Nyheter, Sydsvenskan, KING, Novell, IKON, Metal Hammer, Bizarre, The Independent, VICE and more.

For all inquiries such as photography or video bookings, as well as music and gig related topics, please email me and I´ll get back to you as soon as possible.
For urgent matters call me and we´ll have a chat!
Trollesundsvägen 33, 124 32 Bandhagen, Stockholm / Sweden