Live photography

I didn´t know I was in fact a photographer until I started shooting live.

Yes it´s true, live photography made me realize I have always been a photographer. Ever since I was a child I have always enjoyed snapping photos and film on the family vacations. It always made me feel good. I remember the excitement going down town to the camera store to finally get the developed photos in my hands. That was something special, to see how the photographs turned out and to actually hold your art in your hands.
I say art because I think that´s what it is – taking photographs and being a photographer is an art form. Every photographer has his or hers own personal style and skill, creating their art in their own personal ways.
When I started shooting live performances some 10 years back I instantly fell in love with this art form – I knew that photography has always been a part of me and that I had found one of my callings in life.
To this day I still really love shooting live performances. To be able to capture the small “split-second” moments that maybe no-one even noticed and show how great it was, and making those big “money-shot” moments that made the entire audience drop their jaws – even bigger and more jaw-dropping. I love that.