Wow, weddings … what an awesome and crazy thing to shoot.

You as a photographer get the honor to capture one of THE most important days in a couple´s lives. Except for child birth, this day is THE DAY. And the photographs you take on this day will be iconic to the couple, they will have these images of their wedding forever in their minds and hearts. All the love and unforgettable moments, captured by you, will live with them for the rest of their lives.
Wow, that´s some crazy sh*t right there. What an honor.

And for you who´s getting married, the importance of finding THE ONE, and I´m not talking about your partner right now, I´m talking about finding the right photographer – is absolutely crucial. Sorry, I didn´t mean to add yet another stress factor to your probably already maxed out super-important-things-to-do-list.

But it´s true. If having personal, intimate and awesome photographs of your big day means a lot to you, then it´s important to find the right photographer.
So when a couple want to book me and give me the honors of shooting their wedding, I always tell them first to check out my portfolio of weddings. If my style of capturing moments makes you feel happy, if you feel that ” damn, that´s what I want, I really feel that´s how I want to look back at our wedding!” – well then you have found the right photographer for you.
Let´s talk more, I´d be honored to shoot your wedding!